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  • Automatic Foam System

    Foam is an aggregate of air-filled bubbles formed from aqueous solutions which is in lower density than flammable liquids. It is used principally to form a cohesive floating blanket on flammable and combustible liquids and prevents or extinguishes fire by excluding air and cooling the fuel. It also prevents re-ignition by suppressing formation of flammable vapours . It has property of adhering to surfaces ,which provides a degree of exposure protection from adjacent fires . NFPA 11.

    Foam can be used in almost all types of fires , except Class C ( Electric Fire) and Class D ( Fire from Combustible Metals).

    Automatic Foam System is available in both top mounted forms with fixed and semi fixed foam pourers. This system can be used for both Cone roof and Floating roof tanks .In this system ,the extinguishing medium is AFFF(3% low expansion) premix foam solution, providing excellent film formation with cooling properties to prevent re-ignition after suppression.

    This system can be provided with Foam Automated Control system(FACT), integrated to PLC , with interactive user interface .

    Automated system can be provided with user friendly interface for control and maintenance , with touch pad interface . The option for remote monitoring facility is available as a variant.

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