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  • Hydrant System

    It is the traditional system that uses Water as the extinguishing medium for Fire. It is widely used as it is Cost Effective and water is available in abundance. It can be used almost in any type of fire , except Class C ( Electric Fire) .

    Main Components of a typical Fire Hydrant System :
    A typical fire hydrant system consists of Pumps, valves & Accessories, Strainers ,Pipe and Pipe fittings, Pump house electrical and Instruments ,Hydrants ,monitors and accessories .

    The fire Pump Delivery system should support to -

    1. External Fire Hydrants ( for large external fire)
    2. Internal Fire Hydrants ( for large fire inside the buildings)
    3. First Aid Hose Reels ( for smaller fires)
    • The pipes can be Above Ground and Under ground type and Hume Pipes
    • Valves - Internal and external hydrant valve, Gate Valve, Butterfly Valve, Air release valves
    • Fire Hose - with hose coupling ,hose box, branch pipes
    • Water monitors
    • Pump House Items - Electrical Fire water main pump, Diesel Engine driven pump, Hydro pneumatic tank, Air compressor, Pipes, Strainer, Gate Valve, Non return valve, Butterfly valve,

    Globe Valve, Instruments(Pressure Gauge, Pressure switch etc)

    How does it work :
    The fire hydrant system is pressurized under the pressure created by Jocky pumps. When fire occurs, if any of the hydrant valves in the net work is opened, the resultant fall in pressure system is enabled starting the AC MOTOR driven fire water pumping set through pressure switches automatically.

    The diesel engine pump remains as standby pump serving hydrant system. Apart from the automatic starting of the pump sets, a provision is kept for manual starting also. Generally the shutting down of the pump sets are manual.

    The hydrants are connected to the underground water supplies. The pumping system, connected to the hydrants with hose reels supply water to the site of fire.

    Automated Fire Hydrant system :
    In order to have Automated Fire Hydrant system, the basic system can be integrated with
    • Deluge Valves system
    • Manual Call Points
    • Metal Gongs ( for Alarm)
    Automated Fire Detection and Alarm ( FDA) system

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