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    The DTL bladder tank, together with DTL ratio controllers, form a balanced Pressure Proportioning System used to mix water and fire fighting foam together to generate an effective extinguishing medium.

    The DTL bladder tank is a steel pressure vessel which stores a foam concentrate contained within an elastomeric bladder.

    The concentrate is discharged from the tank by incoming water applying pressure to the bladder. This applied energy is transferred to the concentrate, supplying pressurized concentrate to the proportioner.

    The bladder tank technology is reliable and precise mixing method that is widespread in the fire fighting industry.

    Its operation requires no external power other than a pressurized water system.

    This method allows the water/foam ratio to remain stable by automatically adjusting to the variable flow rates and pressure conditions that may occur during system operation.

    This feature makes bladder tanks particularly suitable for multiple hazard systems, sprinkler systems and any other system operating under variable, non predictable, flow and pressure conditions

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