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  • Foam Bladder Tank (Horizontal)


    Type: Horizontal
    Capacity: 300 Ltr. to 15000 Ltr. (Larger tanks are available on special request)
    Maximum Working Pressure: 12 kg/cm2.
    Design & Hydrotest: ASME Sec VIII, Div.1
    Tank Material: SA 516 Gr. 70
    Pipe: A 106
    Flange: SORF, ASME B 16.5,150LBS, A105/ SS 304/ SS 316, MOC- A105
    Pre-Fabricated Ratio controller and Hydraulic operated valve for proper synchronization of foam - water mixing.
    Foam Bladder Material: Nylon reinforced Buna-n-rubber, Hypalon rubber.
    Foam Bladder Tank filling kit (Provided on request)

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