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  • Inergen /Clean Agent System

    The Clean Agent system is an extinguishing gas mixture that suppresses fire while maintaining breathable concentrations of oxygen in air. This type of extinguishing agent is called "Clean Agent" since after extinguishing the fire , it does not leave any residue or cause collateral damage resulted from the discharge of the agent.

    Halon based systems were very poplular for gas suppression in areas where water could not be used.However due to their high rate of Ozone depletion & harmful after effects on human beings, Inergen (also known as IG 541) has become the globally preferred Clean Agent System.

    Inergen System
    Inergen System can be used in critical facilities such as data processing rooms, telecommunications switching facilities, process control rooms, and others .As it contains a non-water based extinguishing agent that is electrically nonconductive, would not damage sensitive electronic equipment, safe for use in human occupied facilities and has zero ozone depletion, zero global warming, and zero atmospheric lifetime. DTL offers Inegern System designed as per NFPA 2001, 2015 edition.

    The word "Inergen" stands for Inert Gas. It is a mixture of Inert gases(52% nitrogen, 40% argon, 8% carbon dioxide ) used for fire suppression system. Like other agents, it does not create a reaction with a fire to create extremely harmful toxic or corrosive by-products. Inergen Systems are available in 200 bar and 300 bar systems. Depending on the risk area and cylinder storage space a choice can be made between the two systems.

    System Components :
    Inergen Cylinders are stored near the facility under protection. The gas discharges through specially designed nozzles. To minimize turbulence in the protected area Inergen nozzles are fitted with discharge deflectors. Every nozzle for the system is specifically designed via special software to ensure proper discharge with right concetration of gas. In order to prevent damage of sensitive equipment via the noise produced discharge, silencer nozzles are also available.

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