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  • Grooved Fittings

    Grooved Couplings are the new-age pipe joining which remove the risk of Welding in the high hazard areas . These are specifically used for water lines running through hazardous area (Hot job area) where getting a shut down facility is a standard problem for typical welding joints. Due to their ready- to –use feature , they replace the entire set of flanges, Nut -Bolts and Gaskets by using only one pair of fittings, thus saving the time and money per installation , apart from saving the time and cost of Welding .

    Grooved couplings are available on different sizes as required ( up to 12’’)

    They provide most rugged installation , due to their base metal being Ductile Iron or Stainless Steel.

    Installations :

    • IOCL and BPCL refineries, Tata Cummins and various other industries.
    • Can be used for other industries having Water Lines
    Material of Construction :
    Body DI/SS
    Bolt Nut CS/SS
    Rubber EPDM
    Coating GI/Epoxy Paint
    Datasheet of Grooved Couplings :

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