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  • Deluge Valves

    What is Deluge Valve :

    "Deluge" Systems are systems in which all open spray nozzles are connected to the water piping system. These are actuated by QB detector system or by electrical signal to solenoid valve.

    These systems are used for special hazards where rapid fire spread is a concern, as they provide simultaneous application of water over the entire hazard.

    When there is immediate drop in air & water pressure within the detector line, it releases the pressure against the Diaphragm Unit of the DV causing DV to open & discharge water through all the open water spray nozzles to rapidly control and extinguish the fire.

    Apart from its wide use in different water lines like HVWS and MVWS system, now a days our DVs are being used along with Foam systems. The DV creates a pressure on Foam Bladder, causing it to squeeze the foam solution out and spray the foam solution through the Foam nozzles.

    Special Features of Our Deluge Valve:

    • We have manufactured & supplied India's first flangeless DV.
    • available in Wet Type & Dry Type / Flanged & Flangeless varieties.
    • Variants - Manual / pneumatic / Hydraulic / Electrical mode of operation.
    • Variety available for Fresh Water & Marine Applications
    • Standard construction for C S body with SS and Bronze internals for Fresh Water Application
    • Special Bronze or SS body with SS/Bronze internals for Marine Application
    • Manufacturing Guarantee of 15 Years ensured.
    • Spare parts available on request.
    • Requires less spare parts & show better efficiency
    • Design ensures minimum Pressure Loss, ensuring overall economy in Water Spray System Design.
    • DV in Skid mounted Assembly available enabling quick installation & commissioning at site.
    • Our own manufacturing Unit facilitates production of Industry Specific requirements.
    • Test Facility as per the requirements of UL 260.
    • Available Sizes: 65mm /80mm/ 100mm/ 150mm & 200mm nominal sizes
      Installation :
    • More than 1000 installations
      Major clients include :-
    • Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited
    • Oil India Limited
    • Indian Oil Corporation Limited ( IOCL )
    • National Hydroelectric Power Corporation( NHPC)
    • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
    • Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
    • Numaligarh Refineries Limited
    • Bridge & Roof
    • Tata Cummins Ltd
    • ASEA Brown Boveri ( ABB ) many more...

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