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  • Foam Maker

    A) Foam makers are of two types- Fixed Foam Maker ,
    B) Foam Maker for Rim Seal

    The Fixed Foam Maker is designed to provide the required flow rate of foam solution at a specified inlet pressure. The air inlet provides uniform distribution of air into the foam solution stream to generate expanded foam. The air inlet screen conforms to the body of the Foam Maker and prevents damage by the entrance of foreign material.

    The Rim Seal Foam Maker with Foam Pourer is designed to discharge fully aspirated foam directly to the annular seal area of open top floating roof storage tanks for fire or vapor suppression. Fully aspirated foam provides the most effective performance for all types of foam concentrates.

    1.0 Recommended nominal size (mm) 100 inlet.
    2.0 Nominal ‘K’ factor 461.8 to 1016.
    3.0 Quantity As desired
    4.0 Application Correctly delivering Foam concentrate and water to oil seal area.
    5.0 Fluid handled Low Expansion Foam.
    6.0 Working pressure 3.0 to 7.0 kg/ Sq.cm
    7.0 Body Test pressure 15 Kg/ Sq.cm
    Working Principle Foam Maker is used in one of the most common application to protect vertical fixed roof (cone) liquid storage tanks, with the low expansion foam system. The application of the foam is on the basis that the risk comprises the total seal area of the fuel.
    8.0 Material of Construction
    Part No. Description Material & Specification
    1.0 Body MS BLACK HVY to
    IS: 1239
    2.0 Flange Connection ANSI B 16.5 class150#
    3.0 Vapor Seal Rupture Pressure 0.7 to 1.75-kg/sq.cm.
    4.0 Maximum permissible Back Pressure on vapor Seal. 0.06 Kg / sq cm.
    5.0 Finish Red epoxy painted.

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