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    Foam Bladder Tank Loading
    DTL foam equipment range consists of various foam discharge equipment and devices. They are commonly used with bladder tanks, balanced pressure pump proportioning systems and in-line foam proportioners, DTL foam chambers are ideal for protection of flammable liquid storage tanks.
    The Fixed Foam Maker is designed to provide the required flow rate of foam solution at a specified inlet pressure. The air inlet provides uniform distribution of air into the foam solution stream to generate expanded foam. The air inlet screen conforms to the body of the Foam Maker and prevents damage by the entrance of foreign material.
    Foam inductor is a mechanical device used in Foam system , for mixing water with foam solution in desired proportions. It consists of two inlets, water and foam concentrate, and one outlet for foam solution(foam concentrate + water).
    Foam Pourer is a device through which foam is discharged gently on the top of roof tanks ( floating or fixed).It is generally fixed with foam maker with the help of orifice plates. It discharges foam in such a way that the foam slides down gently on the roof area under fire protection.
    The DTL bladder tank, together with DTL ratio controllers, form a balanced Pressure Proportioning System used to mix water and fire fighting foam together to generate an effective extinguishing medium. The DTL bladder tank is a steel pressure vessel which stores a foam concentrate contained within an elastomeric bladder.

    Foam Bladder Tank (Horizontal) with Ratio Controller
    Foam Bladder Tank (Vertical) with Ratio Controller
    Foam Inductor
    Foam Concentrate Tank
    Foam Chamber
    Foam Pourer(Cone Roof Tank)
    Foam Pourer(Floating Roof Tank)
    Foam Maker
    Foam Module

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