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  • Strainer

    A pipeline strainer is a device which provides a means of mechanically removing of un dissolved solids from a flowing fluid by utilizing a perforated, mesh or wedge wire straining element. The most common range of strainer particle retention is 1 inch to 40 micron (.00156 inch).
    Perforation: Depending upon the thickness of the metal, 0.02' thru 1' perforation is available. In the case of metal or stainless steel, the smallest perforation available are usually twice the thickness of the metal.This is not necessary for small strainers where lighter gauge metals are satisfactory.
    MESH:The term's Mesh applies to woven wire cloth and should not be confused with perforated sheet metal. Mesh screens are satisfactory for small size cast strainers, but are unsuitable for longer strainers except as a liner for perforated metal basket or screen. Mesh screen are primarily furnished for very fine straining with openings so fine that cannot be obtained in Perforated metal. Example: 100 mesh means 100 vertical and 100 horizontal strands of wire to the square inch, resulting in 10,000 openings of 0.0055 sq. inch.
    RATIO OR CAPACITY :The 6 to 1 ratio means that the open area of the screen or Basket should be equal to six times the cross-sectional area of the corresponding pipe size.

    Fabricated Duplex Strainer
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    Fabricated Tee Strainer
    Fabricated Inline Strainer

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