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  • Security Surveillance

    This system works with video camera along with detection units to monitor high hazard zones for the occurrence of fire or other hazards. These cameras capture regular footage that are analysed by automated video analysis software that organizes the digital video footage into a searchable database.

    CCTV system can work individually or can be integrated with other systems to provide better monitoring at fire and gas hazard areas.

    Integrated Security Surveillance with Detection System :
    DTL has installed an integrated system at Indian Oil Petronas Products Ltd ( IPPL ) - Ennore , where different Detection Systems (Heat, Smoke, Gas, Flame) has been integrated with CCTV in single panel with Touch Screen .The integration software provides a single-point-of-control workstation that integrates itself with security, card access, and CCTV systems, as well as other fire alarm control panels over a single network .This integration system also provides a combination of different products and technologies and network products to be operated on the same workstation. It supports intelligent gateways to facilitate modular system integration to allow continuous expansion of workstation and network functions.

    The system has text and graphic display of all network events and points. The windows OS provides minimal level of user entry with familiar touch screen operations. It displays all off-normal events simultaneously with text and corresponding graphic screen. The integrated system shows dynamically generated floor plan overview which can be zoomed in and out to provide a comfortable user interface. It generates real time data for exact hazard analysis .

    This system is the first time installation in India of its kind. DTL bagged concept to commissioning work order for the entire system.

    Independent Security Surveillance System :
    DTL provides independent Security Surveillance system for video monitoring in high hazard zones.

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