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  • High Velocity Water Spray System


    High Velocity Water Sprinkler System is used to protect equipments like transformers, circuit breakers, diesel engines and fuel oil storage tanks, turbo alternator lube oil systems and oil fired boilers.

    This system has been designed to extinguish oil fires (Water spray systems are installed to extinguish fires involving liquids with flash points of 65 Deg C (150 Deg F) or higher.)

    The system is based on the principle of "emulsification" for extinguishing Fire, along with the cooling and smothering effect created by the jet of water. The specially designed nozzle sprays water , creates a fine mist , due to the discharge at high velocity . The water jet forms a cone of coarse spray of uniform density which is discharged over a defined area. The coarse spray is able to penetrate the flame zone and reach the surface of the burning oil and brings a fundamental change in the nature of the flammable liquid. It causes the oil to be broken up into tiny globules to form a temporary emulsion with water that cannot burn. In addition, the dispersion of oil into the minute globules in the water gives instantaneous cooling, thus preventing formation of oil vapor.

    Main components :
    The system consists of water spray nozzles, sprinkler bulbs, deluge valves and piping. This system employs either wet pilot or dry pilot actuation.

    The nozzles used in this system are specifically designed to discharge a jet of water at high speed. The shape of the spray cone, the fire area contacted and the water flow is all controlled by the nozzle specifications - the orifice size and the shape of the internal swirl plate, along with the water pressure and the orientation of the nozzle.

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