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  • Spray Nozzles

    Working principle of MVWS System: Foreign/solid free clear water at rated pressure enters nozzle and passes through nozzle chamber to impinge on deflector. The impingement breaks the water jet into macro particles and produces pre-designed angle of conical spray at medium velocity; the deflectors determine the pre-designed angle. The flow at specified pressure is determined by the K-factor of the design, which is pre-designed.
    Working principle of MVWS System: Water at scheduled pressure enters Nozzles through integral strainer and foreign solids are strained.This clear water nw passess through spiracle with one central orifice and /or three peripheral veins into vortex chamber.The vanes induce vortex by providing rifling motion to water inside the water through the central orifice impinges on this rifling water and breaks the vortex.

    MVWS Nozzle (Stainless Steel)
    MVWS Nozzle(Brass)
    Foam Nozzle

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