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  • Automatic Rim Seal Fire Detection & Protection System

    Floating Roof Tanks are one of the safest ways of storing very large quantities of Hydrocarbons,but because of location in isolated areas they are prone to lightning strikes, also fires due to static electricity are likely . Fires can take place inside the Tank only in the vapor space of the Rim seal area , Fires outside the Tank are likely due to spillage and require Protection against exposure to Heat .

    Early action can control damage by installing Hollow Metallic Tube based Automatic Linear Heat Sensing System .

    The Linear Heat Detection System provided by Securiton facilitates immediate detection integrated with a foam based suppression system . It works very fast in case of roof be damaged and subsequently submerged.

    It provides User friendly mode of customization and operation which facilitates highly efficient response, with seamless monitoring and detection, thereby providing low maintenance cost .

    DTL Advantage :
    DTL has developed Model Test Rigs in three formats- 6 mt straight, 24mt circular and 50 mt line .
    It is a prototype , simulating the condition to provide live demonstration of Rim Seal System for better understanding of the system. Several of our clients have tested the system at our factory and taken training from us for the operation of this system.

    DTL uses ADW 535 from Securiton A.G. for its rimseal fire protection system. We also use Securiton make Fire Alarm Control Panels to provide better compatibility between the detector and the panel.

    DTL has also supplied RSFPS using PLC based control panels as per client specification.

    How does it work? :
    The detection system comprises of a hollow metallic tube based linear heat detector. When a fire breaks out, the tube is heat which causes the pressure in it to rise. This increase in pressure is sensed by the detection unit. The detector is inetllgent enough to sense the fire within 10 seconds and can also distinguish between real fire and false alarms. The detector then sends a singal to the control panel and activates the fire suppression system. The fire suppression system comprises of foam solution stored under pressure in foam modules. The foam solution is discharged via the diacharge pipeline through UL listed brass nozzles into the Rimseal area. The fire is then extinguished within 40 seconds from the activiation of fire suppression system. The entire system is designed according to OISD guidelines and has been tested several times for its performance to achieve perfection.

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